We are expert opticians who would be glad to give you advice when you make a purchase in one our shops. Your satisfaction is in our interest, so that you recommend us to your family and friends. We will give you our professional recommendations based on your visual needs and preferences.


It is important to choose an optical frame that you not only like, but which is also comfortable and fits your face. Our opticians will advise you on the sizes which should fit you.
Also, be sure to tell us how you use your eyeglasses so that we can recommend the correct product for your daily use. For example, reading glasses can have a shallow lens. However, optical frames for progressives need depth so that the 3 zones of the lens can fit in the chosen frame and the reading zone can be wide enough.


Lenses are the most important element for improvement of your vision. Since there is a wide choice of lenses (different types, materials and coatings) it best to ask our expert opticians to give you several options based on your visual needs. As you will be wearing your new glasses for several years, in many cases daily, it is important to choose wisely. In some case for a marginally higher cost a 3-year Warranty is available instead of a 2 year one. Our opticians will conscientiously advise you in that respect.


1. Put glasses on and take them off carefully with both hands
To avoid inadvertent damage to the glasses and in particular temples
2. Never put down your glasses on lenses but on the temples
So that lenses are not accidentally scratched
3. Place your glasses in the case when not in use
To keep them safe until next use
4. Never leave your eyeglasses in a warm spot, e.g. your car in the summer
Since high temperatures can damage the lens coatings
5. Hairspray and aggressive cleaning products should not be used while wearing glasses
To avoid chemical damage to your ophthalmic lenses
6. Wash your glasses as needed with temperate water and liquid soap
So that grease and salt are gently washed off
7. Clean your eyeglasses with an appropriate cloth received from the optician
Avoid wet wipes and other cleaning products since they could cause damage
8. While cleaning your glasses hold them by the front frame or both temples
To avoid inadvertent damage to temples which can occur when holding only one
9. Use appropriate protective glasses and gear when working
Your eyeglasses are not mean to protect you from mechanical or chemical hazards
10. Never do repairs by yourself, but take them to a qualified optician
In order to avoid more extensive damage


Adhere strictly to the instructions your ophthalmologist or optometrist gave you regarding care for your contact lenses. Also consult the instructions in/on the packaging.
It is especially important to replace your lenses according to the instructions since they are made for a specific purpose. For example, daily contact lenses must be replaced daily since it is potentially unsafe to wear them for longer periods.