If you have any problem with your eyeglasses just come to any LIDER OPTIKE shop. We will be happy to help you, regardless of where you bought your eyeglasses.


You can use your Warranty for products bought in any LIDER OPTIKE shop in any other LIDER OPTIKE shop. The only thing you need is to show proof of purchase.

Most of suppliers offer Warranty lasting 2 years. However, we chose several suppliers which offer a 3-year Warranty, which cover manufacturing defects which were not obvious at the time when eyeglasses or contact lenses were bought. Warranty does not cover mechanical damage or usual wear and tear which occurred after the purchase. We will clearly communicate with you what is covered by Warranty while protecting your interests with the supplier responsible for honoring the Warranty provisions.


Our opticians will inform you about what kind of a problem has occurred and will advise you how it can be fixed. Possible cost for repair or replacement will be communicated to you so that you can make an informed decision how to proceed. It is our commitment that we will minimize the cost to you so that you are satisfied with our services, even if a problem occurs.


Modern progressive lenses are technically advanced products orders of magnitude better than previous generations. This means that vast majority of progressive wearers will adapt very quickly to a new pair, regardless of whether they are experienced wearers or not.
All our progressive lens suppliers offer an Adaptation Guarantee, which means we will replace them with bifocals or 2 pairs of single vision lenses (at the same price) should you not get used to them after 30 days of daily usage.
Adaptation Guarantee puts your mind at ease should you decide to try Progressives for the first time.