Opticians members of LIDER OPTIKE group had a long history before they joined forces with other similar colleagues, in some cases many decades.
Their professionalism and service is the same. The only thing that changed is the range of services and new advantages we can offer you through LIDER OPTIKE group.

We started collaborating in 2010 through joint purchasing efforts. Our motivation was to prepare for the changes we anticipate as a result of consolidation in the European optical market. Moreover, by having larger purchasing volume we were able to get better purchasing conditions, which helped us overcome the economic crisis.

Inspiration for this collaboration comes primarily from successful Purchasing groups in Western Europe, as well as examples from the Croatian market outside of the optical business (supermarket groups and pharmacy consortia).

We chose very carefully suppliers with whom we work in order to offer you high quality products at affordable prices.
We take pride in the fact we offer you eyeglasses with best quality-price relationship in Croatia!