All our suppliers have ISO 9000 certification issued by independent certification agencies after thorough inspection of production and business processes. Also, all product we offer carry CE marking, which guarantees safe usage of Medical Devices in the European Union.

Our suppliers offer comprehensive Warranties on their products, some even for a duration of 3 years! We guarantee easy adaptation to Progressive ophthalmic lenses – if you do not get used to your new Progressives after 30 days we will exchange them for another type at the same price.

On offer


SEIKO – top of the line Ophthalmic Lenses and Optical Frames

We take pride in the fact that SEIKO Optical of Japan chose us as partners in Croatia. SEIKO Optical offers highest quality products at affordable prices. This highly innovative company patented the most modern production technology for Ophthalmic Lenses. Their Optical Frames are all made of top quality Titanium, which offers exceptional comfort and durability, while being hypoallergenic.

ROCHAS PARIS – more than 90 years in Fashion

Renowned French designer Marcel Rochas defined more than 90 years ago French chic and femininity. His inspiration was his wife Helene from whom he created the fragrance “Femme”. His vision lives on in designs of ladies Optical Frames.

MUGLER – creative genius of Thierry Mugler

Therry Mugler is a French designer on the cutting edge of modernity, inspired by the animal world from which be borrow various patterns. He is also well known for some of the most widely sold feminine perfumes “Angel” and “Alien”.

Mugler eyeglasses offer to the ladies the possibility to have their character shine through the creations of this exceptional designer.